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Africa - Europe Tunnel under the strait of Gibraltar
Asia - America Bering Strait Tunnel & Railroad Group
Canada The Proposed Strait of Belle Isle Tunnel
Denmark - Germany Femer Bælt, Denmark - Germany
Femer Bælt databasen, homepage in danish with the latest news
Næste bro Femern, Copyright © Motor, 01-08-1998
The Global Railway Welcome to the Online Journal at . .The emphasis is on travel, projects, and global developments.
Europe 10 EU Priority Projects
The projects clearly reflect the priority attached to strengthening alternatives to road transport. About 80% of their total ECU 91 billion investment is on rail links and a further 9% on road/rail links. Only 10 % is earmarked for new road building.
Le tunnel de base qui reliera St Jean-de-Maurienne à Susa, en passant sous le Mont d'Ambin, est la pièce maîtresse du projet. D'une longueur de 52 kilomètres, il se prolonge par le tunnel de contournement de Bussoleno sur 12 kilomètres.
Liaison ferroviaire transalpine Lyon - Turin
Note d'information du préfet de la région Rhône-Alpes N°3 - 14 octobre 1998. Les études de la nouvelle liaison ferro-viaire transalpine Lyon-Turin ont été analysées par les collectivités territoriales, les organismes socio-économiques et les associations concernés de la région Rhône-Alpes.
Die Achse München-Verona ist eine der wichtigsten europäischen Verkehrsachsen. Aus diesem Grund hat der Europäische Rat in Essen 1994 den Ausbau der Eisenbahnachse Brenner München - Verona in die Liste der 14 vorrangigen TEN-Projekte (Transeuropäische Verkehrsnetze) aufgenommen.
Japan - Korea The International Highway Project (Japan - Korea)
Norway Submerged Floating Tunnel, a transportation concept for crossing straits, fjords, sounds and lakes
The Submerged Floating Tunnel - the natural way to bridge water. The submerged floating tunnel utilizes lakes and waterways to carry traffic under water and on to the other side, where it can be conveniently linked to the rural network or to the underground infrastructure of modern cities.
NSFT was established in 1998 to develop and market the concept of submerged floating tunnels. At the time, an SFT crossing of Høgsfjord on the west coast of Norway looked likely to the first of a kind SFT for road traffic in the world and the SFT was considered an option in other national and international bridge studies.
This tubular structure is to be submerged 25­30 meters below the water surface.
NTNU's Department of Structural Engineering have tested the underwater suspension tunnel by means of a numerical model.The bridge will have two lanes for motor vehicles and a combined pedestrian path and bicycle track.
Serbia Projects for the 21st Century High speed railway , Belgrade Railway Junction , Valjevo - Loznica Railway, Revitalization of the Belgrade - Bar Railway, Highway E-75, Highway E-763, Highway E-80, Danube River
Switzerland La modernisation des chemins de fer
Le programme de relance pour la Suisse de Hans Werder, secrétaire général du Département fédéral de l'environnement, des transports, de l'énergie et de la communication.


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