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The Tunnelbuilder
Gateway to the wide world of tunnels
News reports on tunnel projects worldwide
The Civil Engineering Web Directory A Portal Specially Designed for Civil Engineering Professionals and Students
Hydropower, Dams and Tunnels
Internet Guide
A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide for hydropower, tunnels and dams.
The Scout Report The Scout Report is one of the Internet's longest-running weekly publications, offering a selection of new and newly discovered online resources of interest to researchers, educators, and anyone else with an interest in high-quality online material.
A Research Project
Norwegian Tunneling Technology
This research project is a joint effort including all interested parties and contains the contribution of universities, research institutes, consultants, contractors and manufacturers. The result is new knowledge and new tools to the benefit of the tunnelling profession.
TRIBUNE ITA newsletter - la lettre de l'AITES
Westside Light Rail
Tunneling and Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Links
Tunnels, Geology
The Submerged Floating Tunnel The Submerged Floating Tunnel is a transportation concept for crossing straits, fjords, sounds and lakes. It is a tube-like structure floating at some depth in the water where held in place by tethers, pontoons or columns. The tube is large enough to carry road and rail traffic with no interference to shipping.
Tunnels in Switzerland Swiss Tunneling Society A site in Italian with information and pictures about the most famous road tunnels in the World
Zuege durch Angélique Leunissen "Seit ich als kleines Maedchen in die Sommerferien in die Schweiz fur mit meinen Eltern bin ich interessiert in Schmalspurbahnen. Zuerst fing es an mit der BVZ, die Brig Visp Zermattbahn und die FO, die Furka Oberalpbahn."
Moto Europa A guide to European motor travel
Tunnels in the USA and Canada This page lists some significant road, rail and water supply tunnels in the USA and Canada. It is far from being a complete list.
Souterrains, man made underground objects, artificial cavities, mines, quarries, tunnels Souterrains can be found all over the world and they form a very special study object as the area's one can encounter are varied.
Links to articles about some Abandoned Tunnels in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Paris, Glasgow, Toronto Active transit tunnels are especially alluring sites to those who ride through them every day, but abandoned tunnels once used by passenger or freight trains hold a charm of their own.
Strade & Autostrade One of the greatest Italian transport structures magazines, with an interesting tunelling section
Tunnel Business Magazine (TBM)
Covering current tunneling projects, people in the industry, new technology, safety, equipment and geotechnical conditions.
Congestion relief toll tunnels Article by Robert W. Poole, Jr. and Yuzo Sugimoto


Geology and geotechnics
Geotechnical Engineering directory
Geotechnical Engineering State of the Art Web resources !!! maintained by Malek Smadi
Comprehensive directory: universities, research centers, conferences, societies, publications, forums, databases, software, contractors
GEOLOGYSHOP One of the main sites for geological information. Links to over 500 of the best geological sites worldwide. Articles on the Channel tunnel
The BGS Geoscience Data Index (GDI) Explore the location and some details of geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrogeological and geotechnical data released by the BGS for use via the Internet.
Geo Web Astronomy, Earthquake, Flood, Geology basics, Hazards, Landslide, Maps, Marine, Minerals, Museums, Paleontology, Petroleum, Plate tectonics, Software, Volcano
Volcano World VolcanoWorld was originally funded by NASA and hosted at the University of North Dakota. VW is now part of BrainSpace, a non-profit organization devoted to informal learning for kids and adults of all ages


World Cave Database This is a database of long and deep caves from all around the world. It comes currently in 3 versions: sorted by depth (deeper than 300m), by length (longer than 3kms), and classified by country.
Grandes Grottes du Monde Ceci est une base de données des grottes les plus profondes et les plus longues de la planète. Elle est disponible pour le moment sous la forme de 3 listes, une triée par profondeur (plus de 300m), une autre triée par longueur (plus de 3kms), la dernière classée par pays.


The World's deepest mine From ancient times to 1989, the South African mines produced more than 40% of all the gold that had ever been mined. In 1970 South African gold production was 1000 tonnes, then more than 70% of the output of the non-Communist world. South Africa is still the world's largest producer, by far. It has the world's deepest mine, 3585 m below surface at the East Rand mine. The Freegold mine, owned by Anglo American, was until recently the world's most productive gold mine at 115 tonnes a year; and Driefontein Consolidated has produced more than any other gold mine, at 2292 tonnes.
World's deepest shaft for gold mine The deepest single-drop mining shaft in the world has been sunk at the South Deep gold mine, owned and operated by Western Areas Gold Mining Company (Johannesburg, South Africa), located in Westonaria, Gauteng Province, South Africa. The shaft, with a depth of 2991.45 metres below the collar, has taken almost seven years of sinking.
The deepest mine to be dug into the earth? The deepest mine in this region is currently Western Deep mine, a network of tunnels which penetrates 3.5 km into the Earth crust. But technology is constantly improving and the South mine is currently being deepened to 4.1km. The Western Ultra Deep Levels, affectionately known as 'Wuddles', is planned to go down 5km in the next few years.


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