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Euroemmission Standard In view of the global responsibility to protect the environment, the Euroemission Standards are introduced in Europe to progressively reduce the amount of harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particulates, found in engine exhaust.
Emission Standards:
European Union Cars and Light Trucks
The 2000/2005 standards were accompanied by an introduction of more stringent fuel quality rules that require minimum diesel cetane number of 51 (year 2000), maximum diesel sulfur content of 350 ppm in 2000 and 50 ppm in 2005, and maximum petrol (gasoline) sulfur content of 150 ppm in 2000 and 50 ppm in 2005.
It's more than your car's tail pipe that contributes to vehicular air pollution. "Our research tends to focus on diffuse emissions, those that are difficult to characterize because they don't come from a single point, say, the tail pipe. What we essentially do is look at the net sum of emissions coming from vehicles and compare them to the EPA model that estimates the individual components and we add them up to see if the real world data conform to what the models predict."
EPA VICTORIA - Australia Programs - For Business & Industry - For Local Government - For Students - For Your Neighbourhood - How To Report Pollution - Library Media Releases - Publications & Legislation
RAPS: Residents Against Polluting Stacks Construction of the Smoke Stack is well underway. As of Monday 23April 2001, the stack has now reached its final height of 35Metres.


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