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World tunnelling, long Norwegian fjord crossings, deepest immersed subsea tubes
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Road Tunnels
Directory of the World's longest road tunnels

The World's subaqueous road tunnels, rock, shield and immersed tubes. Norwegian fjord crossings. All the World's longest, widest and deepest road tunnel projects ...  
Railway Tunnels
The longest and deepest strait crossings in the World and the World's longest, deepest and highest railway tunnels, Seikan, Eurotunnel, Shimitsu, Simplon, Vereina ... Rack-Railways ...  
Canal Tunnels
Tunnels for navigation, long tunnels, old tunnels, some abandoned tunnels and canal tunnels reopened for tourists. Links to canal pages ...  
Project News
Project news is presented by country. This site is updated weekly by correspondents around the World ....
Pages &
Tunnel History
Links to articles and other information about railway, road, canal, water and metro tunnels ...  

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