Stad Ship Tunnel

The Stad Ship Tunnel will ensure a safer route for ship traffic along the North sea coast of Sogn og Fjordane county in western Norway. The plans for this tunnel were presented in a report of March 2001 from the Norwegian Coast Directorate.
Tunnel length: 1790 m
Tunnel width: 27 m
Design ship width: 17 m

Design ship height: 20 m
Height in tunnel centre: 25 m above average sea level
Minimum canal depth: 13 m below average sea level
Tunnel square area: 980 m2
Estimated average traffic: 60 ships per day in 2005
Estimated construction costs: 871 000 000 NOK
Construction period: 2002 - 2005 (Suggested, no final decision)
The tunnel will be equipped with a longitudinal ventilation system for dilution of exhaust fumes, mostly NOx, and for smoke evacuation in case of fire.


The geological profile through the Stad peninsula.


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