Structures on A 21 racc:
Raccordo Ospitaletto - Montichiari
(Corda Molle)
Edited by: Eugenio A. Merzagora
2nd revision - September 2014
Tunnel / Viaduct Direction Montichiari Direction Ospitaletto Notes pk
      Region Lombardy – Prov. BS  
      Connection "Ospitaletto" A4 Milano-Venezia  
      Exit S.S.11 "Padana Superiore"  
      Connection A35 Milano - Brescia "Brebemi"  
      Exit S.S. 235  
Mella 130 m 130 m    
Capriano 580 m 580 m    
      Exit Azzano Mella  
      Exit Flero - S.P.BS IX  
      Connection A21 Torino - Brescia - Exit Poncarale  
A21 93 m  93 m    
      Exit Borgosatollo  
Garza 146 m 146 m    
      Exit Montichiari Airport  
      Connection S.S.236 - Castenedolo - Fascia d'Oro  

red: under costruction
pink: in project

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