Structures on A11:
Firenze – Pisa Nord ("Firenze – Mare")

Edited by: Eugenio A. Merzagora

3rd revision - January 2019

Tunnel / Viaduct Direction Pisa Direction Firenze Notes
      Region Toscana - Province FI
      Exit Sesto Fiorentino
  Agip Agip Service Areas "Peretola"
      Toll barrier Firenze Ovest
      Connection A1 – R 26
      Provincial boudary FI - PO
      Exit Prato Est
      Exit Prato Ovest
      Provincial boudary PO - PT
      Exit Pistoia

450 m

380 m

Ponte di Serravalle

180 m

165 m

  Q8 IP Service Areas "Serravalle"
      Exit Montecatini Terme
      Exit Chiesina Uzzanese
      Provincial boudary PT - LU
      Exit Altopascio
  P P Parking Areas "Altopascio"
      Exit Capannori
      Exit Lucca Est
      Connection D11 – Exit Lucca Ovest
      Provincial boudary LU - PI



Provincial boudary PI - LU
      Provincial boudary LU - PI
  TotalErg TotalErg Service Areas "Migliarino"
      Connection A12 Genova-S.Pietro in Palazzi
      Toll barrier Pisa Nord
      Connection S.S.1 "Aurelia"
TOTAL, tunnel 450 m 380 m  

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